SW FAB establishment



2012 was a year of preparatory activities for the establishment of the SW FAB and 2013 has been the year of the consolidation. Along twelve months many collaborative tasks have been carried out among all SW FAB partners paving the way towards the achievement of SW FAB objectives.


Two events have been instrumental for the establishment of SW FAB.


  • First, the signature of a Political Declaration to reaffirm the commitment of both States to establish a FAB in the Southwest region.
  • Later the signature of the SW FAB Agreement. This legal text defines the general conditions and the governance to ensure the development and implementation of the SW FAB.


Both high-level documents were signed by the Minister Economy and Employment of Portugal and the Minister of Public Works of Spain in May 2013.


One of the first and most important tasks has been to develop and establish the organs of governance. As stated by the SW FAB Agreement a single structure comprising three interrelated levels has been defined:


  • Institutional Policy through the SW FAB Council;
  • Supervision through the Supervisory Authorities Committee (SAC); and
  • Service provision through the Operational Board (OB).


In 2013 the three governing bodies have appointed their representatives. It has to be highlighted the joint presence of civil and military representatives in the three levels of management ensuring the full coordination and cooperation in the civil-military field.


SAC and OB have also divided their structure in workings groups and task forces to undertake their work program and the implementation of the SW FAB Operational Board Common Plan of the SW FAB.