SW FAB 2014 Annual Report

3 June 2015 12:00 AM
SW FAB 2014 Annual Report



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It is presented the second annual report that considers the main activities developed by the bodies and working groups of the SW FAB, giving prof of the progress on the improvement of the SW FAB along 2014. A lot of work was done and it must be emphasized the effort made at all levels of the SW FAB organization, in order to achieve the objectives set for this year. It may be considered that the coordination at the institutional, technical and operational level worked as expected, especially among civil and military entities. Among the major milestones is worth mentioning the entry into force of the SW FAB Agreement, on 18th April 2014, the joint designation of NAV Portugal and Aena (currently ENAIRE) as en-route air traffic service providers within the SW FAB, the delivery to the EC of the SW FAB Performance Plan (SOWEPP) for the second period (RP2), 2014-2019, and the successful monitoring of the SW FAB Operational Board Common Plan. This Annual Report was already approved by the SW FAB Council in its