SW FAB Common Plan 2015-2019

30 June 2015 12:00 AM
SW FAB Common Plan 2015-2019



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The South West Functional Airspace Block Operational Board Common Plan (SW FAB OB CP) was produced by the SW FAB OB. The OB was established by the SW FAB Council in accordance with the Agreement between the Portuguese Republic and the Kingdom of Spain on the establishment of the South West Functional Airspace Block. This SW FAB OB CP 15-19 provides an update of the SW FAB OB CP 14-20 released in 2014 and is a five years rolling operational/technical Common Plan where operational and technical projects are part of the SW FAB Initiative. Was approved by the SW FAB Council in June 2015 and communicated to the European Commission. Taking into consideration the Europe-wide network approach and the importance of the collaboration and cooperation between ANSPs, in terms of airspace covered, the projects in the SW FAB OB CP 15-19 are those to be developed, in part or in whole, in the 2015-2019 timeframe and also include inter FAB/regional activities, The SW FAB OB CP has been made in full awareness of the Europe