2016 Annual SW FAB Report

12 October 2018 03:19 PM
2016 Annual SW FAB Report



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This is the fourth annual report depicting the main activities developed by the bodies and working groups of the SW FAB along 2016. Thanks to the fruitful coordination among the SW FAB governing bodies and a more advanced task management, some important goals have been obtained. Main outcomes to be highlighted in 2016 within the regulatory and institutional fields have been the celebration of the second Stakeholders Consultation Forum —with the positive opinion conveyed by all stakeholders, especially by the Network Manager and airline operators, who recognized the great effort made by the SW FAB to accommodate the unexpected traffic demand in the SW Axis along 2016 to the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands tourist destinations. Moreover, the SW FAB Operational Board Common Plan has progressed according to the established implementation schedule. The Network Manager has recognized the great performance of the SW FAB in an increasing traffic scenario. In summary, 2016 has led to give another important st