SW FAB Common Plan 2018-2022

15 October 2018 02:52 PM
SW FAB Common Plan 2018-2022



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The South West Functional Airspace Block Operational Board Common Plan (SW FAB OB CP) has been produced by the SW FAB OB. The OB was established by the SW FAB Council in accordance with the Agreement between the Portuguese Republic and the Kingdom of Spain on the establishment of the South West Functional Airspace Block. This SW FAB OB CP 18-22 provides an update of the SW FAB OB CP 17-21 released in 2016 and communicated to the European Commission. The Operational Board has developed a plan, the SW FAB OB CP, in order to realise the objectives tasked to it by the SW FAB State Agreement. The SW FAB OB CP is a rolling plan which contains an overview of those activities planned to be implemented by the ANSPs in the years ahead that most contribute to enable optimum use of airspace, taking into account air traffic flows in the airspace under the responsibility of Spain and Portugal and among the surrounding airspaces. The SW FAB OB CP has been made in full awareness of the European framework with particular atte