Stakeholders Consultation Forum: 2nd Meeting


Last 17th of November the second Stakeholder Consultation Forum (SCF) of the SW FAB was celebrated. Following the success of the first SCF event, this second meeting wanted to bring out a more fruitful exposition of the development of the SW FAB under the main three pillars: institutional, supervisory and operational.


The Forum gathered representatives from all interested parties of the aeronautical community involved in the Single European Sky initiative (airline operators, Network Manager, neighboring FAB’s, ATCO’s Associations, etc..) with the support of all the SW FAB organizational structure to offer a wider perspective of all activities and projects being performed under the SW FAB State Agreement and the Operational Board Common Plan.


2016 has been a very challenging year for the SW FAB as a consequence of a significant unexpected traffic growth due to a clear change in the tourist destination options more focused on the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands affecting the European SW Axis and more specifically the SW FAB airspace.


It was highly recognized, by the airlines and the Network Manager, the great effort made by the SW FAB to accommodate this amount of traffic well beyond the capacity plans agreed at the European level with the Network Manager.


Performance will continue to be the great commitment with airline operators, and in this sense it was highlighted the success of the SW FAB Performance Plan adopted by the European Commission (EC) Decision in May 2016.


To improve performance at airspace restructuration level, the SW FAB has recently signed an operational agreement with FABEC to increase cross-border cooperation along the common large border between the SW FAB and FABEC. Great benefits are expected, accomplishing with most of the suggestions made during the SCF Forum.


SW FAB representatives thanked the attendance and the participation of all the stakeholders which are of great importance to align SW FAB strategy to better satisfy AO’s expectations.