Operational: Airspace Management Optimisation


On the basis of the Single European Sky (SES) legislation, SW FAB airspace improvements were established with a view to ensure that national airspace boundaries do not reduce the efficiency of air traffic flows while at the same time tackling limits to last year significant air traffic growth and a more efficient air traffic management system.


The projects included in this area cover five (5) sub-areas of work:



  • Network Management (NMP):SW FAB ATS route network redesign is an important area for change aiming to optimising the organisation and the use of airspace and to achieving a continuum for ATM purposes in line with the SES.


  • ATM Procedures (PRO):The purpose of the ATM procedures area is to define areas of interest in which the operational rules and procedures of SW FAB airspace can be harmonised in order to meet SES initiative targets and to facilitate other initiatives in the SW FAB OB CP. 


  • Civil-Military Coordination (CMC): The civil-military coordination is highly supported and developed through the participation of civil and military representatives in the OB as well as in its Working Groups. This participation aims at the fulfillment of both civil and military ATM/ANS requirements at operational and technical levels through harmonised ASM processes as well as more collaborative application of FUA.


  • Terminal Area Management (TMA):Terminal Area Management aims at achieving a full integration of airports into the ATM network, improving the design and organisation of the TMA by implementing new procedures in different scenarios.  


SW FAB main traffic flows NEST
SW FAB Europe wide main traffic flows