The establishment of FAB's, together with the performance framework and the network functions, form the basis for the success of the Single European Sky, helping to manage the forecasted growth of European air traffic in a sustainable manner.


According to the SW FAB State Agreement, the objective of the SW FAB is to achieve optimal performance in the areas related to safety, environmental sustainability, capacity, cost-efficiency, flight efficiency and also military mission effectiveness throughout the design of airspace and the organisation of air traffic management in the airspace concerned regardless of existing State boundaries.


The South West Portugal Spain FAB initiative aims to achieve:


  • Increased cooperation among all relevant aviation stakeholders for the provision of air navigation services;
  • Optimised and more performance driven provision of air navigation services (in terms of operational efficiency, capacity, cost-efficiency and reduced environmental impact) in line with EU performance targets;
  • Increased interoperability;
  • Increased co-modality in technology, systems and their associated support processes.