As part of its overall added value, the SW FAB is aiming to make optimal use of technical resources. From this technical point of view, a huge effort has been dedicated to allow the optimum use of technical resources in order to optimise and improve the air navigation services provided within the SW FAB.


The agreements signed between ENAIRE and NAV Portugal in the AEFMP framework have already set the basis for this collaboration in the CNS area, and cover:


  • Shared use of surveillance data between ENAIRE and NAV Portugal, in particular, radar data shared from the following radar Stations: Foia, Montejunto and Porto Santo, from Portugal, and As Pontes, Cancho Blanco and Valladolid from Spain;


  • Shared use of CIDIN (Common ICAO Data Interchange Network) between  ENAIRE and NAV Portugal;


  • Data communications exchange using OLDI (On-Line Data Interchange) between ENAIRE and NAV Portugal.



As part of the network perspective, it is also important to mention two Memorandums of Cooperation signed with DSNA (French ANSP) and ONDA Morocco (Moroccan ANSP), so as to formalize the historical sharing of technical CNS resources in the framework of the AEFMP regional group.

The projects included in the technical area are classified in three sub-areas of work: ATM, CNS and METEO:


  • ATM sub-area of work. To define and agree technical solutions and planning for the conformity with Implementing Rules related with the ATM system;


  • CNS sub-area of work. To define and agree the technical solutions for the implementation of projects in order to go further in the integration of CNS systems;


  • MET sub-area of work. The purpose of the area is to harmonise issuance of SIGMETs and other meteorological information supplied to en-route.