SW FAB area


The SW FAB covers the airspace above FL245 under Portugal and Spain responsibility, with the exception of Santa Maria Oceanic FIR, thus being composed of the following Flight/Upper Information Regions (FIRs/UIRs) as depicted in the Figure:


  • FIR Lisboa;
  • UIR Madrid;
  • UIR Barcelona;
  • UIR Canarias.


SW FAB map



The Europe Gate to the Atlantic


The SW FAB has to be considered as one of the strategic FAB?s due to its geographical situation, being one of the most important interconnection nodes for the American transatlantic flights and the European northern-southern corridor.


The SW FAB airspace is the natural gateway to Central and South America. The airspace of the SW FAB plays an important role in the European and international air transport being the main link between Europe and a community of more than 400 million inhabitants with increasing travelling requirements.


Map Atlantic