European Network Planning


SW FAB fully supports an evolution of the SW FAB plan in a whole European approach. In this regard, SW FAB has identified as essential the harmonisation of its plan with the plans developed in the European framework where a FAB representation is already in place or is planned. To achieve this harmonisation, the following planning activities will be jointly developed.


NMB (Network Management Board):


The representation and the preparation of the SW FAB civil ANSPs positions for the body governing the Network Manager, the Network Management Board, are coordinated at SW FAB civil ANSPs representative level in order to ensure a coordinated civil ANSPs view in relations to the Network Functions. The civil ANSPs participation in the Network Management Board is at CEO level, on a rotation basis. The coordination at the lowest levels is made through the SW FAB working arrangements, in particular through the Airspace Working Group.


  • Contribution to the Network Strategy Plan (NSP): the SW FAB civil ANSPs collaborate in the elaboration and update of the Network Strategy Plan through the coordinated participation and influence through the NMB.
  • Contribution to the Network Operations Plan (NOP): the SW FAB civil ANSPs collaborate in its elaboration through the joint participation of the civil ANSPs in NDOP related activities as well as in RNDSG (Route Navigation Development Sub-Group) team.


SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) Deployment:


  • IDP (Interim Deployment Programme) ENAIRE and NAV Portugal, SW FAB en-route ATSPs, have also coordinated their joint participation to the TEN-T proposal (selected by the EC and elaborated by several European ANSPs) to support the execution of the Interim Deployment Programe (IDP) until the beginning of 2015.
  • As part of the SESAR deployment phase, the Common Project I (CPI) and the SESAR Deployment Programme (SDP) under Deployment Manager remit, will guide and support the technical evolution of the SW FAB strategy.
  • LSSIP (Local Single Sky Implementation Plan): The OB has already planned the civil ANSPs coordinated contribution to the content of Spanish and Portuguese LSSIPs in order to maximise the agreed common reporting (from LSSIP 2013 onwards) of identified FAB dimension ESSIP objectives among ANSPs