The SW FAB Council


The SW FAB Council is a governing body, established as a joint decision-making body for the purposes of the implementation, operation and further development of the SW FAB State Agreement.


This SW FAB body is composed of one representative from each Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and one representative from the authority responsible for military aviation of each SW FAB State.


The Council approves the report of the SW FAB OB Common Plan - which is a rolling annual plan that contains an overview of all activities planned to be implemented by the ANSPs - and sent it to the European Commission for its assessment.


The Council governs the SW FAB, and shall take decisions to: 


  • Define the policy and strategic objectives for the development of the SW FAB, assess the results achieved in terms of performance and take appropriate measures if required;
  • Ensure the implementation of the State Agreement and review the progress on the fulfilment of the objectives of the SW FAB;
  • Ensure that the SW FAB is established, developed and governed in accordance with all applicable requirements laid down in the single European sky legislation and each Party’s national legislation;
  • Define the development of the civil and military coordination;
  • Define the modalities of the cooperation on the application of the concept of flexible use of airspace;
  • Support the harmonisation of relevant rules and procedures;
  • Approve the SW FAB common safety policy proposed by the Supervisory Authorities Committee;
  • Agree on the common airspace management policy for the SW FAB airspace;
  • Facilitate the joint designation process of the air navigation service providers setting the foundations for the establishment of the joint designation mechanisms;
  • Ensure the development and coordination of contingency plans within the SW FAB airspace;
  • Ensure the coordination of the SW FAB with adjacent functional airspace blocks;
  • Coordinate the positions of the Parties with regard to the application of international agreements concerning the work of ICAO, EUROCONTROL, the European Commission, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and any other international organisation in the field of air navigation services;
  • Ensure the consultation with the SW FAB stakeholders where appropriate, through the Stakeholders Consultation Forum;