OCC - Operational Coordination Committee


The SW FAB Operational Coordination Committee (OCC) is established depending of the Operational Board and is responsible for preparing conclusions, recommendations and giving advice to the Operational Board as well as direct the development of the working groups under its umbrella, by validating and approving the recommendations made, as well as monitoring the work done.


The OCC shall be composed by:


  • One (1) representative of the en-route ATS provider of each Contracting State;
  • One (1) representative of METEO designated by each Contracting State; and
  • One (1) military representative designated by each Contracting State.


 The following tasks, but not limited to, are responsability of the OCC:


  • Preparing conclusions and recommendations to the Operational Board and, as appropriate, to the representatives in high-level groups or any other fora at SW FAB Operational Board level;
  • Giving advice to the OB in the creation of different working groups, as well as direct, when appropriate, the development of the working groups under its umbrella;
  • Validating and approving the recommendations made from the WG;
  • Monitoring the working groups under its umbrella.