SAC - Supervisory Authorities Committee


The SW FAB Supervisory Authorities Committee (the “Committee”) is the body established in the framework of the SW FAB State Agreement to address all matters related to the supervision, performance and harmonisation of the SW FAB.


The Committee is composed by one representative of each NSA, including the military authorities if not established as NSA, and the aeronautical meteorological supervisory authorities of the parties.


The Committee shall assist the Council, in particular on the implementation of harmonisation of rules, standards and procedures, the cooperation in the certification, supervision and oversight of ANSPs and the joint implementation of the performance scheme.


The Committee shall, among others tasks:


  • Determine the strategy of the cooperation between the NSAs under the State Agreement;
  • Identify the activities to be carried out in cooperation within the areas of cooperation listed in the NSA Cooperation Agreement;
  • Propose the SW FAB common safety policy to the Council;
  • Endorse, prior to its presentation to the Council, any proposal for the establishment of cross-border airspace within the SW FAB that the Operational Board may present;
  • The Committee shall also endorse the specific written arrangements concluded between the designated ANSPs for the provision of air navigation services in any cross-border airspace that may be established;
  • The implementation and the achievement of the performance targets and the coordination of the implementation of performance plans between the Parties;