Stakeholders Consultation Forum (SCF)


By the end of the year, and in accordance with the provisions of article 10 of the EC Regulation 549/2004, it is celebrated the Stakeholders Consultation Forum (SCF) to ensure the appropriate involvement and participation of the Airspace Users, ATC and pilots professional staff associations and the Network Manager in the SW FAB development. The forum inputs are a key step in ensuring relevance, transparency and focus in the development of the SW FAB initiative.


The SCF is established to advise the SW FAB Council on the implementation of the SW FAB when required and is composed by representatives of the SW FAB bodies and Working Groups appointed by the SW FAB Council and others stakeholders depending on the subjects to be treated in the SCF.


Stakeholder consultations will be organized in a flexible way and can be of regular and non-regular character depending on the circumstantial objectives and needs of the SW FAB.


Although not exclusively the following groups of interest shall constitute the main core of participation in the SCF meetings:


  • Airspace Users Group (AUGs):
  • Professional Staff Associations (PSAs):
  • Neighboring air navigation service providers and FABs:
  • Airport operators:


In addition the Chair of the SCF could also invite European and other international and national institutions such as representatives of the European Commission, EASA, SESAR JU and other international organizations such as ICAO (regions EUR, AFI and NAT), Eurocontrol, ECAC and so on, and also representatives of other national institutions.