ATM procedures (PRO)


The purpose of the ATM procedures area is to define areas of interest in which the operational rules and procedures of SW FAB airspace can be harmonised in order to meet SES initiative targets and to facilitate other initiatives in the SW FAB OB CP. This area of work analyses how operational rules and procedures are organised and describes and validates the strategies to be undertaken in order to achieve their harmonisation and integration.


Therefore, the objective of this area will be to ensure the harmonisation of the ATM procedures within SW FAB in the following two (2) areas:


  • Harmonisation of SW FAB Upper/Lower airspace vertical limits: The division into upper and lower airspace has a historic background and currently this division is established in FL195 in Portuguese airspace and in FL245 in Spanish airspace. It is expected that with the harmonisation of airspace classification this operational need for such a division can be changed, which will have a positive impact in airspace continuity in all SW FAB airspace. Spanish side is currently assessing the possibility to change the division into upper and lower airspace in order to match the one established in the Portuguese side.


  • Harmonisation of SW FAB airspace classification: Airspace classification in Portugal and Spain is fully compliant with ICAO regulations. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify some differences in the airspace classification structure in both sides of the border. In this sense, this area will permit a progressive harmonisation of airspace classification designed to ensure the seamless provision of air navigation services, within the SW FAB area of responsibility. Taking into consideration the Efficiency Plan of ENAIRE’s PV2020 strategy document a new proposal of airspace classification is being developed in ENAIRE.


Before SW FAB implementation minimum radar separation applied inside SW FAB airspace was different in both sides of the border. As part of the harmonisation programme it was prepared a project to assure conditions for homogeneous radar separation minima throughout all SW FAB airspace. En-route radar separation of 5NM was in place in the Spanish airspace and the main objective was to achive this 5NM minimum radar separation in all en-route SW FAB airspace, and 3NM in the Terminal areas. The implementation of the harmonization of the radar separation minima in SW FAB airspace was successfully completed at the end of 2015. En-route radar separation reduced to 5NM (except in Oceanic airspace) and TMA radar separation reduced to 3NM in Lisbon FIR.