Civil-Military coordination (CMC)


The civil-military coordination is highly supported and developed through the participation of civil and military representatives in the Operational Board (OB) as well as in its Working Groups.


This participation aims at the fulfillment of both civil and military ATM/ANS requirements at operational and technical levels through harmonised ASM processes as well as more collaborative application of FUA.


The following project is planned to be developed under this area:


  • FUA Optimisation


It has to be highlighted that the joint presence of civil and military representatives in the three levels of the SW FAB management ensures the full coordination and cooperation in the civil-military field.


In the context of the Single European Sky (SES) legislation, and in order to improve the air traffic services provision, the implementation of the South West Functional Airspace Block (SW FAB) between Spain and Portugal established a new cross border limit definition between Madrid UIR and Lisboa FIR for Air Traffic Services (ATS) purposes, resulting in several airspace delegation areas.


Therefore, excellent civil-military collaboration permitted to establish new coordination procedures (Letter Of Agreement) among the involved ATS Agencies and National Air Forces to guarantee: the provision of ATS to Operational Air Traffic (OAT) within airspace of sovereignty, including those flying under Air Defence Flight Rules, flight plan data interchange for ATS and military identification purposes in each sovereignty airspace and tactical notification on the activation of airspace restrictions (restricted and dangerous areas) to the correspondent Area Control Centres (ACC’s).