Terminal Area Management (TMA)


Terminal Area Management aims at achieving a full integration of airports into the ATM network, improving the design and organisation of the TMA by implementing new procedures in different scenarios.


The implementation of a new RNAV1 structure for Faro, Lisboa, Madrid, Barcelona and Palma TMAs, including the reorganisation of ATC sectors, will enhance current SID/STAR structure, enabling flights to operate closer to user preferred trajectories, increasing capacity and efficiency to main traffic flows.


This area of work also includes the implementation of Performance Based Navigation concept whose implementation has been considered of utmost importance for the SW FAB.


These projects will contribute to smoother and more cost-efficient operations in the network.


The following projects are planned to be developed under this area:


  • Madrid TMA project
  • Barcelona TMA project
  • Lisboa TMA project
  • SW FAB RNP APCH Implementation
  • Palma TMA project