CNS area of work


The following CNS projects have been identified in order to go further in the integration of CNS systems:


  • Define and agree the technical solutions for the implementation of Datalink services in support of the implementing rule (EU) 2015/310 modifying and updating (EU) 29/2009 and also in support of IR 30/2009.


  • Identification, definition and provision of an overall deployment picture of a target solution according to Addendum 1 of DP2016 and DLS Recovery plan.


  • Define, agree and implement the technical solutions for the interconnection of aeronautical data networks based on IP, implying the identification of SLAs for the exchange of surveillance data in accordance with the Implementing Rule on surveillance (SPI IR). It is important to stress that NAV Portugal and ENAIRE keep on working and collaborating in the pan-European network service (PENS), an international ground/ground communications infrastructure jointly implemented by EUROCONTROL and the European air navigation service providers (ANSPs including SW FAB and FABEC ANSPs) in order to meet current and future air traffic communication requirements. It provides a common IP-based network service across the European region covering voice and data communications.


  • To analyse feasibility to exchange ADS-B and WAM data.The concept of ADS-B, and consequently this system, certainly will revolutionise the world in current ATC/ATS, as it will use the ADS-B (surveillance system), from any spot on the globe, and in oceanic or remote areas where it is not possible to install terrestrial infrastructures (antennas). On the other hand, it will also promote the use of ADS-B on continental zones, improving surveillance infrastructure management of ANSPs, as investment in infrastructure must be much lower than required in a conventional radar infrastructure. In terms of operational benefits in air traffic management, the ANSPs will have the great added value of introducing ADS-B to the Ocean or remote areas. This means directly to the SW FAB and, in particular, to NAV Portugal the use of ADS-B in the Lisbon FIR would permit surveillance capability on those airspace areas where radar coverage is limited. From a business strategic point of view, the use of this system would bring an added value to the air traffic services and in particular in the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Define, agree and implement the technical solutions for the improvements of civil-military and civil-civil ground voice communications in the SW FAB area.


  • Define and agree the technical solutions and their planning for the Conformity with Implementing Rules related with CNS systems in the SW FAB area.


  • Define and implement the technical solutions for the provision of IPv6 communication services between ENAIRE and NAV-Portugal.


The following projects are planned to be developed under this area:


  • Datalink (Phase I)
  • IR Conformity (Phase II)
  • Datalink (Phase II)
  • New Surveillance Sensors (Phase III)
  • CIVIL/MIL ATC Network
  • IPv6 Services


The following projects are considered successfully closed:


  • Evolution of the Aeronautical Messaging Networks (AMHS)
  • IP Interconnection
  • Surveillance IP
  • New Radars Sharing
  • CIVIL/MIL Ground Communications (Phase I)
  • New surveillance sensors (Phase I)
  • CIVIL/MIL Ground Communications (Phase II)
  • New Surveillance Sensors (Phase II)
  • CIVIL/MIL Ground Communications (Phase III).